How it Works

Allow us to explain how to apply for a loan through GoGo Car Finance.

Our process is straightforward. Once completed, you are free to find the car you desire, without the stress of a convoluted purchase.

An online application literally takes just minutes, and as soon as your application is completed we will get to work trying to find you a match with one of our lenders. We aim to provide you with a fast decision and then transfer you to the lender to complete the process.

An added bonus of using our service is the flexibility that it affords. A car purchased direct from the dealer means not only limiting the choice of vehicles available to you, but also the terms of your loan. We do things differently. A loan through us normally means freedom of choice and freedom of contract.

We may have mentioned it already, but it’s worth repeating - the application process is as simple as possible. All you need to do is fill in your details on the online application form. You have our assurance that we will only take the details required to make a decision, and nothing more.

Step 2 - The Decision

Our electronic system will quickly approach a number of lenders to find one that will be happy to consider your application further. We will then transfer you to them where they will handle the rest of the process with you. This will all happen while you are online quite quickly, however once you are transferred to the lender, the time they take to complete the process can vary.

Step 3 - The Finalisation

Once your application has hopefully been approved and is in the hands of the lender they will make sure that you know exactly the costs involved and the next steps to take. If you have any questions at any time you should ask the lender before completing the loan.

Step 4 - The Car

And so the best bit! Buying a car is just one step away, and you are now free to go and choose a car from any dealership across the country. You simply tell them the car you desire, and they will do the rest for you. Once you are happy with all aspects of the deal, they will dispatch the relevant paperwork for you to sign.

It really could not be any simpler, so don't delay, fill in our online form.

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