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At GoGo Car Finance, we appreciate that many people struggle to get finance due to a bad credit history. We can arrange car loans for customers, whatever their circumstances

Having bad credit can be very stressful, and naturally limits options available compared to those with an excellent credit history. However, it does not have to prevent you from getting the vehicle you desire, and we specialise in helping those customers in this category.

Of course the better your credit ratings, the better your chances of getting a favourable deal, but getting finance is not as simple as looking at credit ratings and a large number of people have a mixed credit history nowadays and this does not exclude them from securing a car loan.

Why People May Be Refused Finance

When deciding whether to accept a person for finance, a lender will use multiple criteria to make that decision. A customer's credit rating is one of the major factors, but it is not the only one. Other factors taken into consideration include a person's time at their current address, monthly expenditure levels or their employment history.

What's more, it's important to note that different lenders use different criteria and will thus accept different people, so if you have been refused credit in the past, this does not automatically mean you will be again. Even if you are in a debt management plan or have an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement), we can still try to assist.

We would advise first and foremost that you are honest with yourself as you know your own situation better than anyone and so should thus plan accordingly, but because you have the flexibility to purchase a vehicle from any reputable dealer, having bad credit does not have to prevent you from driving away the car you desire.


Those who have been declared bankrupt are subject to certain restrictions for a period thereafter. For a year after being declared bankrupt there is a limit on how much credit a person can claim, and this is set at £500. Even after that year has passed, for many lenders those previously declared bankrupt will be considered a high risk. However, GoGo Car Finance can arrange a car finance loan deal for many customers discharged for over twelve months, so don't hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Bad Credit

More than anything, bad credit is the primary reason to be refused credit. The possible reasons for bad credit are numerous - county court judgments (CCJs), missed and/or late payments, defaults or the aforementioned bankruptcy. All these situations would be factored into a credit rating and be part of the credit history. If this applies to you, then your best option may be to use a company that specialises in finding deals for people with bad credit, and we have built excellent relationships with a raft of such companies.

Improve Your Chances

Whilst having a poor credit history does not necessarily prohibit you from being accepted for a car loan, there are things you can do to improve your rating, and thus your chances of success. Firstly, ensuring that you are on the electoral roll helps. Secondly, check your credit report (this can be done for free) as there may be mistakes on there that can be removed or debts that you can settle. In addition, having extra documentation to help lenders make a decision may help your cause, if requested.

Some people looking for finance to purchase a vehicle mistakenly make multiple applications to different providers all at the same time. We advise against this as it can result in people with a good credit rating being refused for finance. What's more, it could affect the person's ability to get finance in the future and lenders could see multiple applications on a credit history as a sign of financial desperation. Thus the use of one company to find the deal for you (such as GoGo Car Finance) makes more sense.

GoGo Car Finance

At GoGo Car Finance, we specialise in finding deals for customers whether their credit rating is excellent or poor. We do not accept that self-employed customers or those without any credit history should automatically be rejected for finance.

It is also our belief that your past should not prevent you from getting the vehicle you desire, nor do we think you should pay over the odds. After all, a bad credit history is not always the customer's fault. For us, the important thing is the ability to pay the monthly repayments and finding our customers a deal that suits their individual budget. We believe there are more packages available than ever before, whatever your past history.

As part of the process we will need to carry out checks to ascertain that you can afford the repayments and the information you provide when applying for finance will help our wealth of lenders to decide the terms of the deal. Our application is a no obligation enquiry, so fill in our quick and simple form today and see what we can do for you. We pride ourselves on a quick application process and you could receive a decision within a day or two.

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